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About Irene's Mayonnaise

In honor of Irene Bolin, her son Charlie has brought the original family mayonnaise recipe to the market. Its all natural and high quality ingredients create a completely exceptional and distinctive flavor. Using only the finest farm fresh, pasteurized eggs, highly purified canola oils, savory onion and spice seasonings. There are no additives and no preservatives, only natural ones such as sea salt, lemon juice and vinegar. Learn more.

Available Locations

Since Irene’s Mayonnaise uses all natural, fresh ingredients, you can look for it in the refrigerated aisles of grocery stores. This maintains the freshness and delightfully compliments your sandwiches, salads, dressings and other favorites! Numerous grocers, specialty markets and delicatessens now carry Irene’s Mayonnaise.  Find the closest locations to you and pick some up soon!

Favorite Recipes

Irene had many favorite recipes from her personal cookbook. These recipes are delicious homestyle treasures loved by her family. Explore these appetizing delights and find a few prized ones of your own. Enjoy the front-runner choices that embrace Irene’s Mayonnaise such as Chicken Wings Blue Cheese Dressing,  Deviled Eggs with Sweet Pickle Relish, Coleslaw, Potato Salad, Chicken Salad and Creamy Roquefort Dressing.


Why locally owned Irene’s Mayonnaise could be your new favorite condiment.

This is a flavor forward mayonnaise offering a creamy texture with black pepper and onion particulates contributing to the overall experience and burst of flavor. 

Nancy Bene Rinehart

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When Charlie was young, his mother Irene made everything from scratch including her homemade mayonnaise recipe. It was in a class all by itself!

Learn the story of how the gift of one last recipe from his mother changed everything!

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Find a Location for Irene's Mayonnaise

Irene’s Mayonnaise is available at many convenient grocers and specialty markets, in their refrigerated aisles.   Click here for complete address listings.